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When: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 10:00am to Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 6:00pm

This month's quilt show features the work of Susan Spencer.  This show highlights 25 years of quiltmaking, a retrospective showing her wide range of interests and versatility.

Susan says:

My paternal grandmother was a quilter, but she died when I was a baby, so I didn't get a chance to learn about quilts and quiltling from her directly.  We did have one of her quilts, however, a hand pieced and hand quilted Grandmother's Flower Garden in those wonderful 1930's prints and solids.  That was our "sick" quilt to cuddle under when we weren't feeling well.  

When I first started quilting in 1983, I was going to make A quilt, and bought a kit for a blue and white Delectable Mountains quilt.  There were fabrics missing from... Continue Reading...

Tips and Techniques: Threading Trick

Here is another one of those "why didn't I think of this" hints.  Instead of threading each needle as you go, thread all of them onto your threading tool.  Pull the thread thru the threader, pulling out enough to use (20 inches is optimal.)  Then pull the needle up  and snip the thread, leaving the end attached to the thread spool extending thru the threader.  Now you have your needle threaded and the next one is ready to go.  Thanks for teaching me this time saving trick, Lyn Sandberg!

Sweet Stuff: Cascade Tangier

A luxurious blend of silk, cotton, rayon, and acrylic in lovely color combinations.   A self striping yarn with long, long color shift with gentle transitions creating lots of visual interest!  Great for those of us with wool allergies.  Come in today and get yours.

For each show I ask for a short biography from the presenter. Usually I'm lucky if I get more than a paragraph or two to use in the article about the show.  Betty wrote a two pager!  I hate to let all that effort go to waste so here it is in its entirety with only a small amount of editing on my part.

Betty says:

I am a third generation quilter.  My maternal grandmother in Oklahoma made hand- and machine-pieced scrap quilt tops. Every Christmas as I was growing up in Kansas we... Continue Reading